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Xinhecheng – Caronic Anhydride and Azabicyclic Project Passes EIA

October 27, 2022by admin0
Paxlovid is a 3CL protease inhibitor PF-07321332 (hereinafter referred to as “PF”) in combination with low-dose ritonavir (Ritonavir). 07321332 (hereinafter referred to as “PF”) and low-dose ritonavir (Ritonavir) of the compound, in a report released by CIMB on December 5, focusing on the synthesis of PF intermediates caronic anhydride, caronic anhydride is considered by the market as “a potential to become Because the most direct benefit intermediate of Pfizer’s oral specialties” isopentenol is used to synthesize caronate anhydride (about 1 million per ton, the technology is mature New and Cheng is expected to be able to mass production soon), caronate anhydride multi-step reaction to azabicyclic (price close to 10 million / ton) to eventually produce Pfizer treatment of new crown of oral drugs. Recently Pfizer has authorized the production of generic versions of the drug, is expected to have greater market potential, azabicyclic demand up to 1500-2000 tons about 15-20 billion market.
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Source: Zhihu
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