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Pesticide Intermediates
It is used in the manufacture of reactive dyes, softener VS, and medicines such as kenao-mithione, iminoquinone, etc. It can also be used in medicine and pesticides.
Surfactant Accelerator
Used in organic synthesis, also used as pesticide, acid gas absorbent and steel rust inhibitor Used in the manufacture of rubber vulcanization accelerators, pesticides, catalysts, preservatives, etc.
Dye Intermediates
Used as intermediates in medicine and dyestuffs It is used as an intermediate for the drug bromhexamine hydrochloride.
Polyurethane Catalyst
Used as polyurethane rigid foam catalyst Used in a wide range of rigid foams. Used as a dye intermediate, used to make vanillin, azo dyes, triphenylmethane dyes. It can also be used as solvent, stabilizer, analytical reagent, etc.

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  • Pesticide Intermediates
  • Surfactant Accelerator
  • Dye Intermediates
  • Polyurethane Catalyst


Surfactant Accelerator
Colorless liquid with fishy odor. Slightly soluble in water, miscible in ethanol, ether...
Dye Intermediates
Colorless transparent liquid. Miscible with many organic solvents, slightly soluble...
Polyurethane Catalyst
Colorless liquid. Slightly soluble in water, miscible in alcohol, acetone and benzene.
Pesticide Intermediates
A pesticide intermediate is a product produced by processing agricultural raw materials,

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Epoxy accelerator DBU
DBU octanoate SA-102
1,8-Diazabicyclo(5.4.0)undec-7-ene CAS 6674-22-2
Polyurethane catalyst DBU
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