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Application of DBU Catalyst

October 24, 2022by admin0
Application on epoxy resin
DBU has almost no curing reaction with epoxy resin in the range of room temperature to 40℃, but it can make epoxy resin gel in 15min when the temperature increases to 100℃. DBU is mainly used as a curing accelerator for epoxy resins used for encapsulation of integrated circuits and electronic components in epoxy resins.
The combination of DBU and linear phenolic resin is a light yellow solid, which changes the disadvantage that DBU is easy to be hydrolyzed under humid environment. Therefore it consists of epoxy molding compound for IC encapsulation with good resistance to moisture heat and high pressure steaming.

Application on polyurethane
DBU is used as a catalyst in polyurethane industry, it is a very active low odor gel catalyst, DBU is mainly used in applications where strong gel catalysis is required, including formulations containing alicyclic isocyanates or aliphatic isocyanates, which are not as active as aromatic isocyanates, so a very strong catalyst is required.
Applications in other areas
The main use of DBU is as an excellent organic base deacidifier for drug synthesis. He can replace organic bases such as triethylamine, N,N-amine, pyridine and quinoline, widely used in organic synthesis and semi-synthetic antibiotics, and live in the dehydrogenation reaction with more satisfactory effect.DBU is widely used in the production of cephalosporin semi-synthetic antimicrobial drugs, such as ammonia and in the presence of DBU reaction to produce piperazine.DBU can also be used as a rust inhibitor and can be formulated with high slow corrosion inhibitors.

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